56 MUMBLES! http://mumble.mumosa.com BrookeB222 MUMBLED This place honestly sounds like a cult http://mumble.mumosa.com 30-Dec-18 love MUMBLED Hi I am happy to read such humorous, healthy critical thinking here! http://mumble.mumosa.com 27-Jan-18 NatrualLawDissonance MUMBLED There is a wall that you will hit in the \"movement\" that poses as a secular non-profit organization to bring heaven on earth. It will damage your third eye forever because you won't be able to tell what is reality and what is dissonance from the reality. This the experience of non-duality with a crack. And you are not part of the crack or the non-duality. You are just witnessing the crack in the non-duality. And this crack is actually the wall that you will hit in this lifetime because they forget to tell you that in the beginning that not everyone can become enlightened in this lifetime because of they don't live in a SlapintheFace Vedic houses and don't have the stars aligned in their jyotish charts! http://mumble.mumosa.com 24-Dec-17 Melbourne mamma MUMBLED My kid went to the Maharishi School in Melbourne, Australia. We chose the school because we wanted a gentle, nurturing environment with high academic standards and individualised teaching (it is a really small school). What we got is outdated, poor quality teaching and a lot of cultish behaviour from staff and management who unthinkingly do what senior management tells them to do. Couldn't get my kid out of there fast enough!!!! Beware! It is a cult. http://mumble.mumosa.com 02-Nov-15 Dr. Bevun Morus MUMBLED Maharishi would manipulate sexual encounters with his followers, this is well documented. Old Ru's in Fairfield try to follow his example. Students get raped and it gets swept under the rug. They inspire suicide after suicide after suicide. They are a death cult, criminals, murderers and they should be held accountable for the actions in a court of law. http://mumble.mumosa.com 06-Sep-15 \"Dr.\" BeWan Kenobi MUMBLED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGc1yTDU8Fs http://mumble.mumosa.com 10-Aug-15 Fisch MUMBLED Wow! I didn't know that LB died. Or maybe I did and I forgot! I loved going to MUM when it was MIU from 74-78. I got enlightened in 1986 and it was really clear in that sparkling clear mind that it was time to leave the movement. http://mumble.mumosa.com 29-Jul-15 Bubbles MUMBLED The TM/MUM tendency to lump people into two camps is a major part of its problem. People are seen as \"open\" or \"closed\". Able to experience awakening in this lifetime or not able. With us or against us. It's a childish, non-evolved attitude that attempts to belittle dissent. http://mumble.mumosa.com 26-Jul-15 Bubbles MUMBLED ...and some had beautiful experiences of awakening AND realized that MUM is seriously dysfunctional and cultish. The two are hardly mutually exclusive. http://mumble.mumosa.com 26-Jul-15 GeorgetheEnlightenedApe MUMBLED Well, this proves that we all have different experiences. Some had a great time; some had a bad time; some transcended time in a blinding blast of blissful glory and discovered that their self was actually not. What \"is\" simply is infinite consciousness and everything else is a basket of bullshit. Freedom from all concepts! http://mumble.mumosa.com 19-Jul-15 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED LB Shriver was the MIU college student body president in 1981/ he graduated in 1983 and got an MA in Writing from MIU in 1988/ he was the first Iowan to learn TM/ in the 1990's he was banished from MUM because of his campus newspaper Survival in Paradise. Not too long ago he died. https://lbshriver.wordpress.com/ http://mumble.mumosa.com 07-Jul-15 Yogi in the Sky MUMBLED No one that lived during our modern age, including the man who created a pseudo-levitation technique, has ever demonstrated levitation abilities (barring illusionist's tricks). If you think you've flown by hopping, I've probably seen your \"flying,\" and, well, no, you haven't flown. \"Because of the heaviness of the times\" or some such tinfoil hat bullshit. http://mumble.mumosa.com 03-Jul-15 Jim Mayhew MUMBLED I sympathize with the young people's frustration with the TM \"Movement\" If I were a young person (I am 62) I would probably be among you. Just wanted to say that I have been on so many TM courses over the years where I have personally witnessed the great value and benefit to both myself and the whole environment of the large group practice of the TM-Sidhis program. It really can calm violence in cities and create a kinder, friendlier, more cooperative environment for everyone at a time when this is needed. Please be open minded and not too hard on us old fogies who like to go to the domes. OK? Jim http://mumble.mumosa.com 11-Jun-15 PeterFromFlorida MUMBLED So why haven't any successful MUM alumni given graduation speeches at MUM? ? Since MUM has been operating for over thirty years you'd expect some CEO's of major corporations, leading scientists, famous journalists, and best selling authors to be alumni. Where are they? Yale had its William F Buckley. Who does MUM have as an radiant example of its transcendent education? http://mumble.mumosa.com 04-Jun-15 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Ram Tsu: you are just unstressing. Get your meditation checked ASAP. And when the smoke clears from your mind all will become pure consciousness. Waves of bliss. Bliss in the trees. Bliss in the air. Bliss in the dirt. Bliss toothpaste. Bliss cornflakes. Oh the magic never ends.....BUZZZZZZD ! http://mumble.mumosa.com 24-Apr-15 Anon MUMBLED The haters are not a small minority. They are actually a large majority of the students that have problems with the school. A lot of them unable to leave for a lot of reasons. You obviously haven't spoken to many people when you were there. Talk about comfort issues. http://mumble.mumosa.com 20-Apr-15 infinityfactor MUMBLED MUM is jokes, if you can take life less seriously, put up with a bunch of calcified bullshit, you get a fancy new college degree and maybe even a little wisdom http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-Apr-15 Ram Tsu MUMBLED Tell us, oh anon from March 11, who are these \"haters\" that cannot deal directly with their \"issues\"? I think you're full of shit, and I think you're employed by the TMO. Keep your filthy smears of arrogant feculence to the classrooms or the domes, where you can groom little roos to perpetuate your empty dreams of mattering to the world. Keep your dirty hands on your sheep, and away from those of us that love freedom. Go back to sleep on the flatus- and saliva-laden foam. Carry the corpse of Maharishi lightly into your pseudo utopia, adorn it with gold and perfect fruits, and sing to it of your greatness, but sing softly, for your screeches are mere noise and insult to the truly evolved. http://mumble.mumosa.com 05-Apr-15 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED I've heard it said also \"once a Scientologist always a Scientologist\". Usually devoted Scientologist's say this... http://mumble.mumosa.com 02-Apr-15 Bubbles MUMBLED Once a sidha, always a sidha. Choose carefully, you cannot leave \"sidha\" status once you acquire it. http://mumble.mumosa.com 20-Mar-15 official policy MUMBLED Re: Harvard University relationship standard: the official policy of MUM as of two years ago was pretty similar to the Harvard policy. Romantic or sexual relationships with students are not tolerated for staff and faculty. Any staff or faculty member who is in violation risks being disciplined or fired. This is likely still the case. I once worked at MUM during a time when there was no official prohibition against dating students. I can verify that relationships with students were strongly discouraged, even though there was no official policy. The unofficial attitude is now official: teachers and staff do not date students. http://mumble.mumosa.com 18-Mar-15 Anon MUMBLED I have had a really great experience at M.U.M. the haters are a small minority who don't feel comfortable dealing with their issues directly. http://mumble.mumosa.com 11-Mar-15 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Harvard has banned sexual and romantic relationships between students and professors. According to Harvard: \"the central characteristic of any relationship between a professor and an undergraduate in the College should be pedagogical.\" I CALL UPON MUM TO ADOPT THIS POLICY. I CALL UPON STUDENTS TO INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AT MUM. http://mumble.mumosa.com 06-Feb-15 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Did anyone really get anything out of Hammond's rant? After 53 minutes I was too bored to listen anymore. The real question is why some long term TM governor's go insane. He's not the first. There was Lutes, Carlsen, and I am certain a few more I can't recall... http://mumble.mumosa.com 03-Dec-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Ferguson Missouri needs you Superman, Batman, Sidha-man! Put on your cape, gas up the batmobile and fly, drive or hop to Ferguson. Do your thing: Superman blow the fires away; Batman ZAP the riotous mobs with BAT gadgets AND Sidhaman do the superadiance hop hop on the foam and dissolve all stress in the atmosphere.Where are you anyway? Why are you waiting so long?.Perhaps we should call the Avengers instead... http://mumble.mumosa.com 18-Nov-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Gina Catena shows great courage and humor in her speech at the commonwealthclub.org of CA. Log on and get enlightened about her 50 years of family experience in the TM organization which she describes as : \"... an entrance to an alternate society that maybe associated with severe cognitive dissonance for some people.\" YEAH people like Bevan Morris, John Hagelin, and David Lynch to name a few http://mumble.mumosa.com 27-Oct-14 The Social Worker MUMBLED . According to Émile Durkheim there is egoistic and the anomic suicide. The egoistic is the actor's or author's decline think Hemingway or Robin Williams. But the more common is the \"anomic\" characterized by \"normlessness\". Durkheim, discovered that Catholics had lower suicide rates than Protestants. Why? Because of their \"family density\". Protestants were less social than Catholics. This bring us to MUM. The TM sub-culture rejects many persons. This in rarely discussed. At the same time many TM people are rejected by their own families. The result is anomic suicide and the cause social isolation. http://mumble.mumosa.com 22-Oct-14 Laughter is Medicine MUMBLED http://vimeo.com/4201441 http://mumble.mumosa.com 09-Oct-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Actor Steven Collins, another TM celebrity failure recently confessed on tape to child molestation. Established in being perform right action? What action- pedophilia? http://www.tmz.com/2014/10/07/stephen-collins-child-molestation-7th-heaven-audio-tape-nypd-investigation/ http://mumble.mumosa.com 08-Oct-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Minca of the Borge, I didn't say you were administration, only that you were \"of the Borg\". And if Star Trek lingo doesn't grok I point out, you're one of the MUM hive mind. You're a MUM-THING totally born and bred. You've got about as much credibility here as a Scientologist public relations hack. http://mumble.mumosa.com 10-Sep-14 Minca Borg MUMBLED Hey dude. I'm not administration. This is a public site, and I don't expect everyone to want the same thing. Some people, including myself, believe direct communication is more powerful than talking about people behind their backs. If you want to vent that's cool--I can respect that. Safe spaces to say what we feel and believe are important. But if anyone wants to aim for max impact and use direct communication, I respect that also--and am willing to back that up. http://mumble.mumosa.com 08-Sep-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Minca Minca Minca of the BORG Do you really THINKA We'd LIKEA chat with you? If your from ADMINISTRATION It means you just wanna get our names and send us all back to India without any HESITATION http://mumble.mumosa.com 13-Aug-14 Minca Borg MUMBLED Hey Friends, Just offering a contact point. I appreciate there's a safe venting space here. I'm interested in what you have to say, and I'm interested in directly addressing some of the issues at MUM--or at least giving it a shot. Institutions and politics move slower than I want them to, so no promises. But if you're interested in bringing a discussion out in the open with MUM administration, things are shifting more than usual--with emphasis on mental health resources and policies, and chronic cultural tendencies that are not psychologically healthy. To anyone not familiar with MUM who is reading this--please take my words and others with a grain of salt; I haven't put things in context. This site seems geared to those who have context in the form of studying or working at MUM, who are intimately familiar with the good and bad. I'm happy to talk to prospective students also; MUM was fantastic for my personal development and disillusionment--in wonderful way. http://mumble.mumosa.com 05-Aug-14 hoonironjaw MUMBLED When did Maharishi jump the shark?* It was after the 9/11 attacks and Bush bombed Afghanistan MMY began a weekly save the world by TM webcast. Early on in those episodes he began screaming and hitting the microphone with his flowers. He became the Maha-Nut-arishi Yogi. (*Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.) http://mumble.mumosa.com 15-Jul-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED There are many celebrities who the movement used to gain media attention but later failed to perform in an enlightened manner. Here's a list of TM celebrity catastrophes: Burt Reynolds. The actor was on The Merv Griffin Show with MMY in 70's. In 1996, Reynolds filed for bankruptcy. Had quintuple heart bypass in February 2010. Stress I guess. Andy Kaufman. The comedian appears in some early video tapes asking MMY questions about humor, Later was banished from TM movement---for what who knows? Doug Henning, The magician also was on Merv with Maharishi. Was regular guest at MUM in 1980's The magician died at age 52. Tried to use TM to cure his cancer. Mary Tyler Moore. Another Merv with Maharishi guest in 70's. Stopped TM and made a public statement why she stopped. Said it made her emotionally cold. http://mumble.mumosa.com 09-Jul-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Sometimes the guilt over my thoughts and actions is painful. I learned to meditate in 1975, attended many advanced lectures and residence courses, had my meditation checked hundreds of times by faithful TM teachers, attended MIU in the 1980's, learned the TM-Siddhi program, flew in the Golden Dome when it was new, married a Siddha and practiced together until we divorced, and so on. I've taken all the good I could from them and really not given back much; just satire, criticism, contempt, mockery, and disdain. I wouldn't donate a dime to the TM movement if they were collectively starving. I don't know why I hate them, but I hate them. Thus I have the guilt of one who has benefited from these TM movement volunteers-- and only spurned them in the end as if they were a joke. I don't know why I am this way. But I believe the TM movement is good material for MAD magazine. Once at his lecture when he was pissing in a urinal I even insulted Charlie Lutes. Can I ever get forgiveness for this? http://mumble.mumosa.com 13-Jun-14 Shiva Kavi MUMBLED The One we are is many too. Among us the most beatiful, and powerful, most wonderful, is Shyamasundara. It's true! http://mumble.mumosa.com 08-Jun-14 Shiva Kavi MUMBLED For me to be at One with you, The two of us must both be too! And we, as One, have much more fun Than I alone have on my own. www.IowaAhimsaMilk.org http://mumble.mumosa.com 04-Jun-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Announcing: "PROZAC FOR PUNDITS" A new charity to help the depressed pundits in Fairfield obtain the psychotropic drugs they need to cope. Imagine the mind bending of stress of 1. Moving from India to Iowa and 2. Living in the TM Movement. Let's raise some funds to help them cope with some dope! Go to Prozacforpundits.com. (coming soon). Jai Guru Dev http://mumble.mumosa.com 24-May-14 Beentheredonethat!! MUMBLED Gosh, Guru Dave has really drunk the CoolAid! Maharishi would have been so proud to know such a perfected Sidha existed (at least there's one). Too bad it's all pomp and no circumstance. Anyone that perfected would have rushed to the media to show it off...oh, wait...he just did! http://mumble.mumosa.com 21-May-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED When I was an MIU student in the early 80's I frequently observed older male professors inside the ladies dorm (the one that was near the dining hall.) Was this conduct a form of sexploitation? Why didn't the university grounded in "natural law" have rules to prevent faculty from using their social position to get themselves into missionary position? http://mumble.mumosa.com 17-May-14 Xara MUMBLED If the problem is big MUM wants sympathy from the student because its a new school with plan to make changes. If a small problem then they say about all the good things about the school the student no seeing. Sometime say about all the changes they have made. Some problems they say MUM will check into it and you wait but no respond. Some problems they say it my fault for not meditating and I did meditate. It can be better http://mumble.mumosa.com 16-May-14 Dr. Sexy MUMBLED The experiences I've had since becoming a student at M.U.M. have far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined before moving here to Fairfield. I feel extremely lucky to some how have stumbled upon a place who's chief aim goal is to get you to experience higher states of consciousness. Wow! What a town and what a school! Sure, the institution is not perfect but what place is? It has it's flaws and outdated ideas but they are flexible when it comes to changing policy. Done correctly and intelligently, policy will change for the betterment of the student body. http://mumble.mumosa.com 16-May-14 thatguyinthehat MUMBLED As a graduating MUM student who has served on the Student Government, I have basically seen and heard it all here. Unlike some schools that are run for profit and treat people like numbers, MUM is committed to the development of the individual. Nothing in my experiences has ever suggested to me that this is not the case. The students and faculty are generally very open and supportive of each other. The administration is very aware of the maintenance issues cited here, they are doing all they can with their limited resources to resolve things as soon as possible, and they are quite willing to work with students who are negatively affected by these or other concerns. All things considered, my time spent here has been a true blessing and an eye-opening educational experience, and I encourage anyone reading this not to discount the entire place over a few very minor problems. http://mumble.mumosa.com 16-May-14 Guru Dave MUMBLED As for flying, I assure you that I have been lifted on many occasions without the need for physical effort. Also, my mother teleported. I also developed remote vision, remote hearing, remote feeling, increased intuition, ability to conceal thoughts and actions from other siddhas, ability to interact with the devatas easily, receive guidance, insight and powers from them, ability to think in other people's head, hear them think, interact with the thinking, feel them feel, interact with the feeling, talk with the dead, witness the creation of the universe etc, etc, etc. As for the mold, on other campuses, that mold would be hidden in your food. If you see mold anywhere, just destroy it, mold killing stuff can be bought for a few dollars at Wal-Mart, or you can just use vinegar. http://mumble.mumosa.com 16-May-14 TheSap MUMBLED Coming to MUM was one of the best decisions I have made. It is not perfect by any means, but it has been my home for almost 3 years. It's pretty weird, but so am I. http://mumble.mumosa.com 16-May-14 Beentheredonethat!!! MUMBLED So the TM Sidhis have been out for almost 40 years now...still believe your going to fly? Have you walked through real walls yet? Say, how's that invisibility sutra working out for you? Had enough yet? Hey, wait I have a bridge I'd like to sell you! Wake up and smell the mold spores...your wasting your time and your life! http://mumble.mumosa.com 15-May-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED Even George Orwell couldn't imagine me. http://mumble.mumosa.com 15-May-14 Hoon Ironjaw MUMBLED This new generation of MUM students is just what MUM deserves. Many students are new to TM and its sub-culture. New students are not socialized into the movement. In the 70's and 80's MUM had multitudes of meditators who enrolled. These students were already integrated into the TM sub-culture. MUM treated them badly. They took them for granted and punished them for minor rule infractions Now they have wolves for students when before they had sheep. Let the wolves feast. http://mumble.mumosa.com 15-May-14 Aristotle MUMBLED A red herring fallacy is an error in logic where a proposition is, or is intended to be, misleading in order to make irrelevant or false inferences. http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 Sade MUMBLED OMG is there really mold here? http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 Sri MUM Student MUMBLED I want cake too! http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 Bes MUMBLED What's with the broken fence on the west of Agiro? http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 have_mum_must_mumble MUMBLED I want cake. http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 Rajapalooza MUMBLED We like gold! Give us all your GOLD! http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14 Dante MUMBLED The Black Mold is hideous http://mumble.mumosa.com 14-May-14